Posted by: kaaprohr | April 26, 2018

10 Basic Tips to Write Effective Resume for Fresher

Your resume is the first document that will be screen by Employer / HR / Recruiters. So we are going to write a series of article on writing Effective Resume. Definition of Effective Resume is not that it looks good and has a lot of impressive jargons. An effective resume is one which can help you get the right job. We need to understand the basics of resume writing which can be enhanced once getting some experience in the job.

Let’s start with 10 basic tips for other aspects (Except Experience Section. You can read about Experience section tips here.

  1. Get Print of resume on regular A4 good quality paper as it will be filed and used for future reference.
  2. Use standard font across all sections of the resume. This will help in uniformity. Also, choose a professional font to write a resume. Avoid comic fonts.
  3. Use basic Grammar / Spell check before print. It is better if it is reviewed by some professional before print
  4. If you are fresher, projects section is very important. If you have 5+ years of experience it may have very less significance.
  5. Give your contact number and one alternate number so recruiters can reach you easily.
  6. Do not include facts like Height, Weight, cast and so on. This is not you Biodata for marriage proposal so it is irrelevant
  7. Put your qualification in reverse chronological order because of normally highest qualification matter most.
  8. Do not paste Objective / Key Skill from the online or other resumes. Give some thought and write your own skills. This can be important discussion during the interview.
  9. You can add your computers / IT skill as it is mandatory for most of the jobs now.
  10. You can always use the template to create the good resume. A lot of templates available online. The important point here is to make sure that you do not copy paste things.

Always remember that the good resume is the key to an interview call. Even if you are sending your resume to some of the best placement agencies of your city, they will scan you with the same parameters.



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