Posted by: kaaprohr | March 26, 2018

Tips to Write Effective Resume for the Experienced Candidate

Your resume is the first document that will be screen by Employer / HR /
Recruiters. You will be reading series of blogs to create an Effective Resume.
Definition of Effective Resume is not limited to good looking design with lots of
impressive jargons to impress the recruiter. An effective resume is one which can
help you get the right job. It must send the message in the most effective manner
to the recruiter.

Recruiter normally goes through hundreds of resumes daily and hence it is
almost impossible for him/her to read everything candidate is writing in the
resume. We need to understand how to write a job-winning resume and what
points to keep in mind while creating our resume. We will start with basic tips
in this blog and in upcoming blogs will go through some other important
aspects of writing the best resume.

Basic Tips

Here are 7 basic tips to highlight the ‘Experience section’ in a resume:
1. Give priority to this section If you are an experienced candidate.

2. Give important space for your experience in your resume. Highlight the
key achievements in the better ways to attract the recruiter.

3. List your experience in reverse chronological order. Last job first and so
on because it will show your recent work on the top.

4. Mention your duration of job in the resume. This is important and you can
mention duration by writing month and year.

5. Besides designation, list some activities you perform every day. It will
show your extra skills to the recruiter.

6. Also, give some details about the company you worked for. This will give an idea
to recruiters about your company and sector you worked with.

7. Make sure your resume is updated and it is in line with your online
profile at social and professional network site like Facebook, LinkedIn
and Twitter.


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