Posted by: kaaprohr | December 10, 2010

Your Mind Matters Most!

Yes, that’s right, Mind Is Matter, or more precisely thought is energy and energy is what all matter is comprised of. With that in mind let’s consider the benefits.

By careful manipulation our thoughts can become anything we choose as long as we follow a few simple rules. ‘ It must be reasonable ‘ It must be best for all concerned ‘ It must by something we truly desire

Nowhere is it written that our greatest hopes and aspiration cannot become part of our reality if we believe it is possible and that’s where the problem lies. Our limiting beliefs kill most of our efforts in manifesting.

We have been so conditioned by friends and family as to what is possible and what is impossible that our manifesting is limited or stymied altogether. When we try to create the life of our desires our reasoning gets in the way. So to further your cause and to allow you to create you must rid yourself of these limiting beliefs.

I know this is a tall order, but an essential step in the process. Begin by having positive thoughts. You are much more receptive with a positive mind.

Next, start thinking of those things which you have heretofore thought to be impossible. Begin with something small that you want, but thought it was impossible for you to attain.

Once you have attained it the confidence in your abilities will grow and you can move onto something a little more difficult. As you continue you will find that there is nothing you cannot have become a reality in your world.

There is a direct correlation between your confidence level and your abilities to manifest. As I said before a positive mind will take you so much farther in your endeavors to manifesting your desires. The ability to concentrate is also very important.

In order for you to manifest your desires you need to have the desired object or condition firmly pictured in your mind in as much detail as you can visualize. Then see yourself using and enjoying the object or condition.

Many of you imagine but what you must do is employ imaging not imagining. You are not wishing for it, but rather you know that it is yours. If it is otherwise it will not come to be.

The most important idea I can plant is that your conscious brain is the least powerful of the two. The subconscious mind or what I like to refer to as the super-conscious mind has so much more capabilities. The truth of the matter is that it absolutely has no bounds since it is part of the Universal mind or what is also known as the Cosmic Consciousness.

So begin today. Create your positive mindset, practice meditation and reach the alpha state where you can access the super-consciousness. Completely quit allowing yourself to be limited by your limiting beliefs and see yourself living the life you want to live. Program your super-conscious mind and let it go to work for you. It is tireless and eager to create the life you want.



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