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Find your dream job with Kaapro Management Solutions!

Seeking a new career? Are you looking for your dream job? We at Kaapro Management solutions, having our presence in major cities of India, offer specialist recruitment and staffing services in diverse industries.

We as the best Placement company in India will assist you with the entire recruitment process including – which jobs to apply for, how to crack the interview, how to follow up, and finally, get hired for your next job. So maximise your job opportunities with us at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us:

  • Our rich experience in the recruitment field coupled with our ability to provide efficient staffing services makes us unique in the staffing industry.
  • We value you as a potential candidate and support you for a more effective job hunt.
  • At the same time, we try to understand the needs of our customers (employers) and provide staffing services tailored to each market we serve.
  • We are constantly assessing the position and skills which are in demand in the industry.

In short, as an HR Outsourcing company in Surat, we help the job seekers find the perfect job opportunity and help the employer to manage their workforce demands.

Our Service Offerings:

We offer a complete range of H.R services right from – recruitment, staffing, training, assessment, outsourcing, consulting and other placement services to meet all your hiring needs. We ensure to take care of each and every aspect of your HR requirements.

Other services include:

  • Find the right job for you
  • Write or improve your resume
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Success at the workplace

Many times, companies looking to hire the right candidate, often find it difficult to tap the best possible talent. In the same way, brilliant and eligible candidates often miss the right opportunity. So it’s important to invest ample resources and time in finding the right placement consultancy.

We are a trusted and reliableHR consultancy and Placement agency in Surat, Ahmadabad, and Vadodara in Gujarat. We will provide you with the right professional guidance to get hired at the right place. Your career choices are very important, and we value in brightening your f-align: centre;”>

Join us at Kaapro for a bright start of your career!

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The current employment scenario in India

As per an article in Economic Times, according to a Talent Shortage Survey, 48% of Indian employers report difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages. As skills need change rapidly, employers are looking for solutions to hire the right candidate.

For instance, as per a recent report, The Indian IT industry nearly have unfilled 90,000 job vacancies. There is a huge demand for graduates with the latest IT skills but the vacancies are not filled. This means the right candidate is not reaching to its right job and this problem needs to be addressed.

Kaapro is a leading Recruitment firm in Surat and India, and we provide right manpower at the right time and right place. We also have Placement Agency in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Delhi, Mumbai, Bhubneshwar, Guwahati, Indore, and Patna.

This is where we help you.

  • We act as the bridge between employers and job seekers.
  • We work towards fulfilling the workforce skills gap which is prevalent today.
  • We increase your visibility to many job opportunities in the market.

A decade ago, hiring was a simple process. Today the scenario has changed. While the current economic scenario seems to grow at a good pace, yet the number of graduates outnumbering the many available jobs continues to grow.

  • There are a lot of vacancies but due to lack of eligible candidates, the job needs are not fulfilled.
  • On the other hand, it so happens that many times the job seeker is also not aware of the vacancy.
  • The reasons for this are – lack of exposure to employment news or maybe the company itself has not promoted the job opportunity well.

As a leading staffing service provider in India, our expertise lies in providing a full line up of professional services. Our professionals can assist you in recruiting a new project team or further your workforce’s development through various HR support services.

Industry leaders believe that hiring people from a more diverse background will help to fill the skills gap and improve performance, but finding such talented individuals demands hard work plus a fresh approach to the whole recruitment process.

Nowadays, work-related complexities have increased in different dimensions. The workforce skills are more short-lived, and technology has become more invasive. Career tenures have reduced at middle and senior levels too.

Our vast experience as an HR consultancy in India makes us one of the most reliable and your one-stop solution for all your manpower needs.  Across multiple industries throughout the major cities of India, Kaapro is able to deliver the right person to your organization as per the industry demand.

We at Kaapro, bring you the right people to empower your business!

Settling in a new workplace is always a challenge. In this regard, the HR Department of any company plays a very significant role in making new employees feel comfortable in their new workplace. At the same time, retaining and motivating the current employees of the company contributes to overall organizational effectiveness.

At Kaapro, we provide a wide range of HR Consulting services to our customers, which helps them to build systems that engage and develop their workforce. Our consulting services include organization structuring and manpower planningcompetency profiling of roles, policy handbooks, and employee engagement study and many other.

For many years, ’employee engagement’ has been a hot and trending topic in corporate circles. It’s a buzz phrase that has captured the attention of many HR practitioners and the research says that a proper HR system helps maintain healthy work relationship among employees and enriches the atmosphere at the workplace.

Here are some effective ways to develop work motivation along with work interest:

  • Constant interaction with employees so as to know their problems, expectations, suggestions, ideas, views, etc.
  • Conducting team meetings every month in order to analyse the month activities, to share the team’s performance, to set the targets for the next month etc.
  • Celebration of Birthday/ Wedding anniversary of the employees
  • Setting targets and rewarding the best performing employees.
  • Opportunities to help employees expand their knowledge and apply the competencies they have gained to new and complex situations.
  • Regular employees training and development help your employees in adapting to change and keeping up with recent changes in technology thereby increasing their productivity.
  • Suggestion Box: to bring out creative suggestions for improvement from the employees.

Thus, we recommend encouraging employee participation by inviting their suggestions & opinions. This coupled with competitive compensation & rewards and training through core development programs, helps to unleash their full potential.

The opportunity to acquire new skills and experiences on the job can increase employee motivation and job satisfaction. This can convert into positive benefits for the organization helping it to attract and retain top-quality employees.

​At ​Kaapro, the renowned HR Consultancy company in India, we dedicatedly provide all kinds of services to design and develop your HR processes. Our HR system surely leads to improve the quality of your employees work experience and also realize the benefits of developing workers to their full potential.

Let us come together and begin our journey towards workplace motivation and excellence!


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The concept of Contract staffing in India

Over the years, hiring practices have seen a big transformation. Traditional workforce planning revolved around how many people need to be hired on rolls. The IT and Finance sector pioneered the task of outsourcing based on core competencies and costs. This initiated a large scale distinction of full time and contract employees.

Kaapro is an H.R and recruitment company specializing in staffing solutions. Whether it’s short-term, freelance or permanent placements, we’ve got your covered. Kaapro is a leading Placement Agency in Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat in Gujarat and other cities of India, supplying staff as per your requirements.

How Contract Staffing Works:
These days several companies are operating on a tight budget. The size of the workforce varies as projects often tend to fluctuate. Therefore, companies have begun resorting to temporary or contract hiring via staffing solutions providers.

The worker is hired as a contract employee (or consultant, freelancer) for a specific job, for a specific pay rate. While they will work on-site at the workplace, they aren’t a permanent employee of the organisation.

Key Benefits of Contract Staffing:

1. Cost Effective
Every company has hiring budgets and temporary staffing turns out to be a cost saver. Because as a company, you will only pay to the contractual employees for a given period of time or for a specific project.

2. Immediate hiring solutions
The turnaround time for hiring qualified contract staffers is shorter than recruiting a permanent candidate. These candidates are fully reviewed and ready to hit the workplace as soon as you hire them.

3. More Flexibility
Contract employees are available during emergency times when full-time employees need to take time off. They come in handy around the office, on the job site, or on the sales floor whenever needed.

4. Get more qualified talent
Contractual workers come with a special set of skills and expertise in their particular domain. These workers are more exposed to a diverse range of technologies, markets and business settings. They quickly fit into the organisation.

5. Reduced risks
The contracting company carries PI, EL and PL insurances, so the company is freed of related risks without having to incur the insurance costs.

This method of staffing is useful for temporary migrants and students who have work permits. Students while studying can work part-time or on a contract basis as per their schedule and learn-on-the-job skills. Temporary migrants can bring in new ideas and technologies to your organization.

The traditional direct staffing methods have been gradually replaced by Contract Staffing to fill in the jobs. With the workplace going through a transition period, opting for contract-to-hire talent is a smart choice for many companies.

Hire us to hire your Contractual employees!

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How to manage a dream Job search anxiety

Are you tired of updating your resume and sending them to hundreds of companies? Is the prospect of facing a job interview stressing you out? You don’t need to worry at all. We are the right agency helping to connect the right people at the right place.

Kaapro was established with a noble objective of helping companies and industries in recruitment and human resource services. Today, we are a full-service HR consulting company, having a presence in 9 locations across India.

If we talk about Gujarat, Kaapro has offices in the major cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. We have a track record of recruiting in various industrial verticals. Our main goal is to furnish our clients with manpower talent whenever they need it. We have dedicated qualified professionals in our team with different backgrounds and expertise having a common goal to serve our clients for all their recruitment needs.

The stress of getting a dream job to the candidates come as a no surprise that the job search process can be nerve-racking as your whole career depends on it. Anxiety disorders are very common in candidates looking for a job. Plus, the idea of facing an interview with other talented candidates makes the candidate tenser.

We understand that job hunting is an intense process and can make anyone feel anxious and frustrated. On top of it, you can feel the pressure to get employed from your parents, peers, mentor or partner. But finding the right job is not easy. It requires constant efforts and patience on the job seeker’s part.

The most intense competition in the global business world today is not for capital or advanced technology or market share. It is for talent, and the greatest benefits will go to companies assembling the best set of human skills.

To meet the ever-increasing need for talent across functions, it has become important for organizations to seek varied levels of recruitment. Today, companies have resorted to hiring Employee Service Providers for their workforce needs. Kaapro has been quick at leveraging this opportunity.

Thus, we can say that the success of any organization depends directly on its workforce and at Kaapro, we provide concrete staffing solutions with a fundamental understanding of recruitment needs. We have experience of serving our clients with the bright track record of many years, and that too across diverse sectors. Quality, consistency & prompt service have always been the motive of our company.

 Join Kaapro for a rewarding career!



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10 Basic Tips to Write Effective Resume for Fresher

Your resume is the first document that will be screen by Employer / HR / Recruiters. So we are going to write a series of article on writing Effective Resume. Definition of Effective Resume is not that it looks good and has a lot of impressive jargons. An effective resume is one which can help you get the right job. We need to understand the basics of resume writing which can be enhanced once getting some experience in the job.

Let’s start with 10 basic tips for other aspects (Except Experience Section. You can read about Experience section tips here.

  1. Get Print of resume on regular A4 good quality paper as it will be filed and used for future reference.
  2. Use standard font across all sections of the resume. This will help in uniformity. Also, choose a professional font to write a resume. Avoid comic fonts.
  3. Use basic Grammar / Spell check before print. It is better if it is reviewed by some professional before print
  4. If you are fresher, projects section is very important. If you have 5+ years of experience it may have very less significance.
  5. Give your contact number and one alternate number so recruiters can reach you easily.
  6. Do not include facts like Height, Weight, cast and so on. This is not you Biodata for marriage proposal so it is irrelevant
  7. Put your qualification in reverse chronological order because of normally highest qualification matter most.
  8. Do not paste Objective / Key Skill from the online or other resumes. Give some thought and write your own skills. This can be important discussion during the interview.
  9. You can add your computers / IT skill as it is mandatory for most of the jobs now.
  10. You can always use the template to create the good resume. A lot of templates available online. The important point here is to make sure that you do not copy paste things.

Always remember that the good resume is the key to an interview call. Even if you are sending your resume to some of the best placement agencies of your city, they will scan you with the same parameters.


Your resume is the first document that will be screen by Employer / HR /
Recruiters. You will be reading series of blogs to create an Effective Resume.
Definition of Effective Resume is not limited to good looking design with lots of
impressive jargons to impress the recruiter. An effective resume is one which can
help you get the right job. It must send the message in the most effective manner
to the recruiter.

Recruiter normally goes through hundreds of resumes daily and hence it is
almost impossible for him/her to read everything candidate is writing in the
resume. We need to understand how to write a job-winning resume and what
points to keep in mind while creating our resume. We will start with basic tips
in this blog and in upcoming blogs will go through some other important
aspects of writing the best resume.

Basic Tips

Here are 7 basic tips to highlight the ‘Experience section’ in a resume:
1. Give priority to this section If you are an experienced candidate.

2. Give important space for your experience in your resume. Highlight the
key achievements in the better ways to attract the recruiter.

3. List your experience in reverse chronological order. Last job first and so
on because it will show your recent work on the top.

4. Mention your duration of job in the resume. This is important and you can
mention duration by writing month and year.

5. Besides designation, list some activities you perform every day. It will
show your extra skills to the recruiter.

6. Also, give some details about the company you worked for. This will give an idea
to recruiters about your company and sector you worked with.

7. Make sure your resume is updated and it is in line with your online
profile at social and professional network site like Facebook, LinkedIn
and Twitter.

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A Day in the life of Recruiter (@kaapro)

We know some recruiters love talking,
but not just through quick email squawking.
They pick up their cell phones,
say “Hi!” in a warm tone,
these pros are the ones who are rocking

Ever wondered what working in recruitment in Kaapro really consists of?

It’s really difficult to sum up a day in the life of a recruiter, primarily because no day is the same! We all have a to-do list which usually consists of “call client A, pass on feedback to candidate B, run a search for client C”. Our to-do list is not always followed due to constant changes that happen on a day to day basis, be it with clients, candidates or industry specific changes. As a result, we are constantly shifting from working on one thing to another, depending on priorities.

That being said, we would typically start the day by checking whether we have any new candidate applications on the roles we would be handling. We review CVs and set interviews with potential hopefuls. Most days we have team meetings to discuss candidates, clients, and share challenges to get help from the team, and celebrate successes (we also at times share some industry gossip!).

We usually have a few interviews scheduled every day, which require preparation and research on questions to ask during the meeting. We also have to run searches through our database, for particular roles we might be handling, and call potential candidates to see whether they are interested in the opportunity. Once we’ve compiled a shortlist, we then put the candidates forward to the client for consideration. At this point we would communicate with the client and obtain feedback on the applications. Here we can better gauge the company’s requirements, improve on our short listing whilst also supporting candidate’s applications by putting forward additional verbal recommendations. Once the short listing phase is complete we help in the setting up of interviews

One of the hardest parts of the role truly understands the requirements of the candidates and the clients. The reality is that we are dealing with people who are not always as clear on what they are looking for as we would hope. As a result, if we do not ask the right questions to elicit the underlying needs of the candidate/client, the repercussions can be quite unpleasant. We could end up with having a candidate making a wrong career turn because we did not unravel his or her real motivations for wanting to change jobs. Alternatively, we could have a client frustrated with us because we are not putting forward enough candidates or the candidates he/she he really needs.

Usually, not understanding the candidate/client ties in with us not having gained their trust. If they do not trust you, the probability is that they will not be as forthcoming with information as you would like. This is much easier said than done as trust is earned by being open and honest with clients whilst also showing that we know what we are talking about. We must show that we are abreast of what’s going on in the industry and what may result through certain actions and decisions. Setting candidate and client expectations are a crucial part of the role, we need to be realistic and let them know when we feel they are going astray. This goes hand in hand with dealing with disappointments, both from a candidate and client perspective and also having to handle your own disappointments. For every position filled there are a number of disappointed candidates that need to be given feedback as to why they were not successful. It is not easy, but it is a daily part of the job.

All in all, I genuinely feel that the challenges we face on a day to day basis are very much character building in that learning how to deal with difficult candidates/clients is a skill that can be implemented across various other circumstances outside of work. Apart from that, you learn so much just from interviewing candidates and meeting different people, it is a growth process in and of itself.

One of the most exciting things about being a recruiter is the day-to-day variation in the job.  You never know what’s going to happen when you walk in the door.  The perfect candidate about to accept a job pulls out at the last minute, or a client loves a candidate so much they offer them the job on the first interview!  There are many ups and downs in the life of a recruiter, but there is nothing better than the feeling of bringing together a qualified candidate with a great career opportunity.  Recruiters are very special people, able to be counselors, negotiators, and motivators all in one day.

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Recent Job Openings

Following is a list of some of requirements. Please apply if you are interested in any of them send your resume with subject line as a designation.

Sr. No. Designation Location Job Profile Requirement Apply To
1 Accounts Executive Surat • Billing, Writing Vouchers
• Basic Accounts
B. Com. / Mc. Com. First Class
2 Front Desk Executive Surat Front Desk Assistance & Other back office Activity Good Communication and personality
3 Back Office Executive Vadodara Letter Drafting and other back office activity Graduate / UG with basic knowledge of computers
4 International Sales Surat Ø Cotton Yarn Sourcing
Ø Cotton Yarn Export
Ø Interaction with clients
International sales experience in any kind of yarns
5 Fitter Mumbai O&M in a Plant ITI Fitter with 2 years of experience
6 Center Manager Surat Sales, Operation, Quality control and all activities related to running a center successfully Heading or managing any education center in past
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Geographical Reach – Kaapro

As Kaapro started operations in Surat last month, it is available at 8 locations across India. Company is planning to widen its geographical reach to cater clients across India.

Gurgaon (Registered Office)

11/3, Crimson Park South,
Vatika City,
Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, India.
Tel: +919953091959

Full Functional Offices:


210,Royal Diamond,
Yeshwant Niwas Road,
Indore – 452003, MP, India.
Tel: 91-731-4042043 / 4527687


# 152, Sauravnagar,
Beltola Bazar Road,
Guwahati – 781028,Assam, India.
Tel: 91-361-2307264 / 2307265


Unit III,
Bhubaneswar – 751001, Orissa, India.
Tel: 91-674-2394586 / 2394587


305 Varma Centre, Boring Road Crossing
Patna, 800001
Tel: 0612 – 6530161/ 3263164


B-206, Tirupati Plaza,
Athwagate, Surat 395001
Tel : 0261 6643406
Email :

Representative Offices:


7, Rohan Ashima, Brookefields
Bangalore, 560037
Karnataka, India.
Contact: + 91 9845133767


1st Floor, Yashsrhree Tej,
Plot No 12, Vidyanagar,
Pune – 411032
Contact – +91 9579380606

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